Complete Packing Service

Anything you own, from books to china sets, from your children’s toys to your partner’s junk in the loft or garage, is packed as part of this service. Our complete packing service ensures that our experienced packing team carefully packs all of your things, including your delicate items, which are individually packaged for optimum security.

Furniture Covers and Mattress Bags are available from Full House Removals to provide added protection when moving your furniture into and out of your new home. Sofa covers, picture covers, television covers of all sizes, banister covers, dining table, and chair covers, and plastic mattress covers are all available. We also provide Floor Covering to protect the floors when necessary.

Fragile Packing Service

Our competent packers will individually cover all of your glass and china for ultimate safety in our removal packing paper before carefully putting them into boxes, which is the most important and time-consuming aspect of the packing service. To protect your products, we will use bubble wrap and use packing paper to cushion the package.

Non-fragile Packing Service

This is the least frequent packing method, but it is still effective, particularly if you have a lot of books, documents, equipment, or children’s toys and games to transport. Basically, we deliver all of the fragile packaging materials ahead of time, and then we finish packing all of the non-fragile pieces.

Kitchen Only Service

Although the name of the service implies the job at hand, it is a very common service requested by our customers because a kitchen will take a professional packer anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to pack, depending on how much you have tucked away in all those cupboards and drawers, and a kitchen that takes a professional packer this amount of time will take a customer many more hours, late nights, and Sunday afternoons frittered away Since most of our customers need most of the products at the very last minute, the kitchen is typically a space that our customers prepare a day or two before the removal day, so a kitchen pack is something we can complete for you the day before the removal or even on the same day as the transfer while the rest of the team is packing from your home.

Unpacking Services

We would unpack all of your boxes and lay the contents on a flat surface area, then remove all of the materials, waste, and boxes, leaving you to examine the items and determine which cupboard or shelf they will go on in your home. Why go to the trouble of unpacking your belongings?

Why not take advantage of Full House Removals, unpacking facility, and avoid the hassle?